Mutual Consent-Uncontested Divorce

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Mutual Consent-Uncontested Divorce

Marital difficulties can be stressful.  I understand the emotions involved and will provide you with the caring,  compassionate attention you need.  You will receive prompt and professional service with all the expertise I have garnered from over 25 years of helping people just like you through the difficult times accompanying a divorce.

I have streamlined the process to minimize your stress.  There are no court appearances necessary with an Uncontested Divorce.  You can obtain a simple, easy,  Uncontested Divorce for a reasonable Flat Rate Fee.

A Mutual Consent-Uncontested Divorce means you and your spouse both agree to dissolve your marriage and that you and your spouse have agreed upon any issues involved such as; property distribution,  debt allocation,  spousal maintenance,  retirements,  child custody and child support.

If you have any of these issues,  and do not already have a properly drafted Divorce or Separation Agreement and/or a court order for custody and child support,  I can provide a Divorce or Property Agreement for you.   Divorce or Separation Agreements are provided for a Flat Rate Fee.

You will not need an Agreement if both parties simply want a divorce and there are no minor children of the marriage,  no division of real property,  no division of marital assets,  no spousal support, no debts to be divided, and no pension or retirement rights to be decided.

You will not need an Agreement if you have children and already have a properly drafted custody and child support agreement or a court order for custody and child support.

If you already have a Property Agreement that was prepared by a different law firm or a signed Mediation Agreement and the agreement complies with the New York State Matrimonial Rules,  I can process an uncontested divorce using those documents.

I do not simply supply forms.  I will prepare and submit all the necessary paperwork to obtain your divorce.

You will receive prompt,  professional,  and individualized service.  My extensive experience in Divorce and Family Law gives my client's confidence they are receiving experienced and professional representation.

My primary focus has been concentrated in Divorce and Family Law.   I will guide you through the process and supply you with information concerning all the aspects of your divorce.

I have made obtaining an Uncontested Divorce much easier and more affordable.

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