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Pensions and Retirement

I am an experienced Divorce Lawyer providing Divorce Services including;  Pensions and Retirement (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders),  Mutual Consent-Uncontested Divorces, Divorce or Separation Agreements,  and Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements.   I concentrate my practice in Divorce and Family Law Matters.   I have over 25 years experience as a divorce attorney.

Divorce And Retirement: Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a document,  signed by a Judge,  which allows a pension company to give a spouse a portion of the other spouses pension benefits following a divorce.

Under Federal Law,  pensions and other retirement plans are a protected asset and cannot generally be given to anyone other than the person who is entitled to receive the pension from their employer.  One exception to this law allows one spouse to obtain a portion of the pension or retirement plan after a divorce,  as part of a marital division of assets.

Either both parties in the divorce must agree to share the pension or a Court must decide that a pension is to be shared.  Thereafter,  a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QUADRO) is drafted by an attorney.  This order must comply with the conditions of the individual pension company or administrators.

I have prepared many of these QDROs following a divorce.  This Order allows my clients to obtain their marital share of their spouses' pensions with private and public pension firms, including: New York State Electric and Gas,  IBM, Lockheed-Martin,  New York State Teachers Pensions,  Public Employee Pensions and others.

I will prepare all the documents, obtain the appropriate judicial signatures and guarantee that the pension company administering your pension, or that of your spouse, will accept and implement the Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

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