New York NoFault Divorce

In August of 2010 the New York NoFault Divorce law was enacted in the state. This type of divorce simply means that by mutual agreement, the parties agree to be divorced and they do not need to claim any particular ground for divorce.

Prior to this Statute, a person filing for a divorce need to state grounds for the divorce, such as:

  • Cruel and Inhumane Treatment

  • Abandonment

  • Adultry

  • Confinement in Prison

  • Living apart for one year after a judgment of separation

  • Living apart one year after executing a separation agreememt.

  • Please note that to obtain a No Fault Divorce you must still meet the New York Residency Requirement.

    The parties to a New York NoFault Divorce may still have property issues or issues concerning custody and child support that they wish to set forth in a Property Agreement or Separation Agreement. If both parties have agreed upon all the issues to be addressed in the agreement, this office can prepare a Property/Separation Agreement to accompany the divorce action.

    Choose one of the following:

    Divorce with an Agreement

    Divorce Without An Agreement

    New York State Divorce Attorney, Becky Caruso, Esq. provides low cost, quick, easy, Uncontested Divorces & New York Nofault Divorces through my interactive website.

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