New York Divorce

Cost of Divorce


Unless otherwise noted, disbursement charges are added to the cost of most services. Disbursement charges are necessary fees associated with filing divorce actions. Specifically, disbursement charges are:

$ 210 Index Number

$ 95 Request for Judicial Intervention

$ 45 Motion for Divorce

$ 30 Note of Issue

$ 170 Service of Process/Disbursements

These costs must be added to the legal fees to determine the entire cost of the service.

  • SEPARATION AGREEMENT - $ 350.00 (no disbursement fees)

  • SEPARATION AGREEMENT AND DIVORCE - $ 600 plus $ 550 disbursement fee

  • CONVERSION DIVORCE - $ 399 plus $ 550 disbursement fee

  • DIVORCE WITHOUT AGREEMENT - $ 399.00 plus $ 550 disbursement fee

  • WILLS - $ 150 (no disbursement fees)

  • QUICK CLAIM DEEDS AND TRANSFER DOCUMENTS - $ 150 (no disbursements)

  • For your convenience, we also offer video conferencing through Skype.

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    As New York Divorce Lawyer I provide comprehensive legal services for Divorce, Legal Separations and Prenuptial Agreements.

    If your divorce will be a Contested Divorce, I can represent you on all matters pertaining to your divore, including child custody, support, maintenance, pension rights, debts, and property.

    In addition to providing Statewide Uncontested Divorces and Legal Separations, my local practice represents clients in Binghamton, New York and the surrounding areas of Endicott, Johnson City, Vestal and Owego, including Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Chemung and Delaware Counties. If you would like to learn more about my local practice in Binghamton, New York, please click on the following link

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