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If you and your spouse wish to obtain a simple Divorce and you do not have a Property Agreement, this firm can process a divorce for you without an agreement provided:

  • Both parties want a divorce

  • There are no minor children of the marriage

  • There is no division of real property

  • There is no division of marital assets

  • There is no spousal support

  • There are no pension or retirement rights to be decided.

    If you have any of the above issues, you will need to seek a Divorce with a Property Agreement.

    - OR -

    If you already have a Property Agreement that was prepared by a different law firm or a signed Mediation Agreement and it complies with the New York Matrimonial Rules, we can process a divorce using those documents.

    I will prepare and submit all the necessary paperwork to obtain your divorce. Once your divorce is finalized, you will receive a certified copy of your Divorce Decree.


    Becky Caruso, Attorney At Law