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I am an experienced New York Divorce Attorney.   I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.   After receiving my Bachelor Degree,  I attended the MA/PhD graduate school program at the State University of New York in Binghamton,  New York and studied Experimental Psychology for two years.

I received my Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Law and became a licensed attorney in New York in 1990.   After having worked in a downtown law firm for seven years,  I opened my own law office in 1997.

I have practiced law in New York State for over 25 years.   I have extensive experience as a New York Divorce Lawyer.

I provide Mutual Consent-Uncontested Divorces throughout New York State for a Flat Rate Fee,  as well as;  Divorce Agreements,  Separation Agreements,  Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements,  and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

I bring to my practice an understanding of the people I represent.  You will receive the caring,  compassionate,  attention dedication and respect you deserve.

I will explain the process of obtaining an Uncontested Divorce and answer your questions.   Many people have never had contact with an attorney or how to begin a divorce.   Legal matters can be complicated,  frustrating and confusing.    I hope to make the process less stressful by taking the time to listen to you and to explain the procedures involved in your uncontested divorce.    I have made uncontested divorces simple and affordable.  

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